We want to become a leader in positive snacking,
offering delicious food that make people feel good

Our Values


All our products are created with the wellbeing of our consumers in mind. 

For this reason our nutritional philosophy is based on simplicity, transparency and quality.
We value the wellbeing of all our Employees.
We want to make sure that everyone feels good and is happy at the Company, by fostering a cohesive work environment and encouraging a close-knit team.


We care about the future of our Planet and we strive to preserve it every day.

Our goal is to eliminate the use of disposable plastic from oll of the Company's activities and reduce waste wherever possible. 


We are unique because:

we are guided by 100 years of family tradition;
we master the art of baking, passed down from generation to generation;
we believe in the right balance between creating tasty food and making it available to everyone;
we learn from other cultures and tradition and we adapt our products to local taste and habits. 


We believe in Trust, Integrity and Mutuality.

Working together means understanding each other, being transparent and collaborative.


We believe that our actions should reflect what we say.

We work in everything we do and our passion drives us to always do it better.

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Why we want you

All of our products have one ingredient in common: starter yeast, a seemingly minor element which grows disproportionately if constantly fed.  The commitment to taking care of this ingredient, which we nurture every day, can be compared to the attention that we dedicate to our employees through continuous engagement, training, and development activities.Joining the Bauli Group today means not only becoming part of an important expansion project for some of Italy’s most well-loved brands, but also and above all working for a family-based company that is guided by solid values.

The Singularity of knowing how to use an ancient art, the Integrity of working with honesty and faith, supporting one another in a climate of collaboration, and the Commitment to always ensuring that there is coherence between words and actions.

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