Digital Hub

First window on the working Italy

Powered by the interactive architecture made up by the official website, on one hand, and the LinkedIn custom page, on the other, the Talents in Motion Digital Hub actively links abroad-based talents and big companies’ Italian branches.

The Digital Hub spreads across the border the best Italian-based job opportunities, at the same time providing to target talents a customized support on the main issues related to moving to Italy.

Nonetheless, the Talents in Motion Digital Hub is the ideal arena to gather the different but strictly related sensitivities involved in this project (companies, academies, institutions, talents), with the final goal to make the most of Italy’s reputation and, so doing, creating a better future for the Country, as a renewed attraction pole for the human capital on an international scale.

I strongly believe in Talents in Motion because I experience and meet almost everyday talented people who are passionated and fascinated by Italy. They have the right drive, competence and skills that could be extremely beneficial to help our italian Companies to grow.