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Coalition Building and Constant Dialogue with the institutions to increase your Business Attractiveness


An alliance of companies, institutions and academies with a common goal: shape a better future

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The best international talent pool, playing a key-role for the business growth

Salvatore Paparelli

Co-founder Talents in Motion

"Italy of local talent needs global Talent"

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Why joining Talents in Motion?

Joining Talents in Motion means to increase the company reputation as an active member of the first Social Responsibility project designed to attract talents in Italy and, so doing, directly contributing to restore the Country’s international image as an excellence pole.

Which are the Benefits?

As a huge, heterogeneous alliance of talents, companies, academies and institutions, Talents in Motion offers a solid set of different but strongly related know-hows, facilitating networking and lobbying instances and boosting the correct matching between talent profiles, learning players and professional vacancies.

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