Black Tie Professional

A digital platform made up of 200 managers and professionals, all with different skills.

Our Values

Agile Working

A digital platform made up of 200 managers and professionals, all with different skills to be used and assorted in different ways and at various times to best suit the needs of each company in order to create unique and innovative projects.

Our goal is to allow people to combine Business with quality of life in a People First context, where - thanks to technology - every talent is valued and becomes an integral part of result-oriented projects.

Knowledge Sharing

Our strategic leverage is our synergy of skills, which guarantees creating tailor-made projects, unique for each customer and at the same time is an effective tool for our professionals to undergo long-life learning, as they are constantly trained by each other.

Strategic consulting, technological tools, digital marketing and communication projects, innovation programs, HR and developing talent within the company, as well as Business development. And not only that, videos and events. So that companies are supported in the best possible way.

High Quality Networking

We want to be a reference point for high-level professional networking, made up of companies, and independent men and women who want a smart way of working, sharing their skills, experiences and values with the goal to share knowledge.

We also create connections between client companies, potentially correlated to each other, to help them create systems and develop businesses in synergy.

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Knowledge sharing

Why we want you

We are looking for people who understand and wish to ride the wave of change we are witnessing in the working world, and who wish to take part in ambitious projects to decisively support client companies and share their skills.

We want to meet people who are curious and passionate about their work, who know how to generate values and trust others, who see every request as an opportunity, and those who always look for quality and beauty.


Open positions

There are currently no open positions.