Global leaders in industrial and packaging
solutions based on technological innovation

Our Values


Respect for people, rules, local communities, environmental and economic resources.

Respect implies rigor and integrity.


Responsibility for the consequences of one’s decisions and actions, responsibility to lead by example, practice fair leadership, reward merit, nurture talent, achieve results and to be committed.

Even collective responsibility starts with individual accountability.


Knowledge as professional and personal growth. Knowledge comes from culture, education, training, research, experience and relationships.

Sapere Aude: dare to know.


Passion for the product, innovation, excellence, beauty, work and performance.

Passion allows us to envision results even before achieving them.

People & Innovation
in Coesia

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Companies in 36 Countries


Expected revenues in 2018

Why we want you

We are looking for talented people with a strong inclination towards innovation and working in a global and dynamic setting. Working at Coesia provides a motivating and challenging environment, with opportunities to grow together: this is why our employees are offered talent development programs to grow their potential, competencies and leadership skills in line with Coesia’s strategic focus.

Join us to explore new professional opportunities and to create new development paths together.