Your health is our prime concern. Our work involves an attitude. For life.
Our aim has always been to improve the quality and prospects of people’s lives,
via diagnostic tests of the highest quality.
We want to stand by people when they need it most.
We want to be the best partners for the diagnostic laboratories,
which millions of people rely on every day to diagnose diseases.


Our Values


At DiaSorin, we strive for excellence. We firmly believe that each person at DiaSorin deserves a great leader. The DiaSorin Leadership Model is the basis of our culture that guides and inspires the managerial action on a daily basis, a mirror to recognize our own strengths and work on continuous development.


We actively support and encourage proactive behaviors that create an environment in which all people are actively included. Our rapidly changing environment is driving us to think differently about how to sustain our competitiveness. Our strategy on engaging people takes into account our strong corporate culture and a shared commitment to reaching goals.


We recognise the individual value that employees create for the Company. From Talent Acquisition through Talent Development we take an employees’s potential to the upper limits of his or her development range. DiaSorin Culture and Leadership style are key differentiating factors for our Talent Strategy.

People & Innovation
in DiaSorin

Relevant Numbers


Employees and more than 200 researchers


Permanent contracts, 67% bachelor degrees


Training hours

Why we want you

You can make a mark. DiaSorin focuses its business on improving the health and quality of people’s lives, through high-quality diagnostic products. And it is through our people, where their talent combines with their passion, dedication and expertise, that we achieve this important goal.

Open positions

There are currently no open positions.