A multinational utility driving the energy transition to enable a clean future.

Our Values


Enel's work is based on transparency – in the power plants, on the distribution grids, in the offices and stores where we meet our customers. Our success comes from the trust we build every day with the communities and people we work with, all over the world


We are looking for people who are determined to work hard to improve the world. People who use their ambition to respond to the challenges of climate change, the growing need for clean energy, and bringing electricity to the more than 1 billion people who still don't have access to it.


At Enel, we drive innovation to make sure the most advanced and creative ideas don't remain on paper, but rather go to help improve people's lives and change the world for the better. If you want to make a difference and innovation is part of your mindset, Enel is the right place for you.


Enel has an ambitious vision to improve life on this planet by producing energy in a sustainable way. To pursue our vision, we are looking for people who continually search for ways to do things better, who don't stop at obstacles, and who take on difficulties as opportunities

People & Innovation in Enel

Relevant Numbers




millions of end users


countries (in 5 continents)

Why We Want You

  • We are looking for people ready to challenge themselves and who see change as an opportunity;
  • If you are ready to innovate and share your ideas, Enel is the right place for you;
  • Working at Enel means playing an active role in the transformation of the energy sector, by creating a new, more sustainable and reliable global development model.

Open positions