Fastweb S.p.A.

Together we connect the future, simply.

Our Values


We make decisions for the good of our customers
We take care of our colleagues
We take care of ourselves


We are digital
We are leaders
We are entrepreneurs


We create value for the company
We invest in people and the community
We make sustainable choices for the environment

Relevant Numbers


People work at Fastweb at the end of 2018


Of the employees are hired on permanent contracts


Available to employees to work in Smartworking mode


Smartworkers involved


Of training delivered during the 2018

Why we want you

Fastweb is the result of the passion, skill and ideas of its people. That’s why we believe in an informal and friendly working environment, yet one that is stimulating and centred on innovation.

Fastweb, everyone is unique, with their own name and story. Everyone makes their own contribution to the growth of the company.


People & Innovation in Fastweb

Fastweb therefore identifies itself in a new vision that addresses everyone; customers, suppliers and employees, with an aim to connect the future to be shaped simply and intelligently. And it does so with the conviction that we need to take care of both customers and colleagues, that we need to be brave in fighting for what we believe in and become sustainable: not only for the environment, but creating value for everyone: for the company, the community, the employees themselves as individuals and for Fastweb.