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IFFCO Italia objective is to combine product of high quality standards with the utmost respect and protection for the environment.
Our organization, thanks to its historical know-how and deep flexibility, is a reference partner for catering and pastry professionals and families.
We want to be the preferred provider of essential and value added foods for everyone, everywhere and every day.

Our Values


We like to consider our products as a "work in progress" and we constantly commit to improving them, to respect our clients’ needs. In order to maximize quality, we internally benchmark all policies, processes and systems, we identify "Best in Class" approaches to meet and exceed their standards in quality, cost, and performance, and we stimulate dialogue and collaboration between business – units. Innovation is our strength: we encourage the "new" and we aim at innovative products and different approaches that can offer higher value to our customers.


For IFFCO, personal, systems, and fiscal integrity are not negotiable. We are committed to presenting the most objective and transparent information possible, reaching solution that satisfies our clients, and to protect their confidentiality and security. We promote quality relationship between colleagues, for creating a cooperative environment that can facilitate the exchange of news.


IFFCO Italia represents a constantly developing reality. For this reason, we are engaging ourselves to integrate all forms of creativity, initiative and proactive approach. We want our team to develop working activities with a strong sense of ownership and to manage assets, projects and human capital as if they were their own, thus increasing synergies and maximizing return on investments. We want to challenge the status quo and are always looking for innovative projects that can further grow our company.


We are devoted to offering equal opportunities in a gender diverse, multicultural and multinational environment. We endorse a culture of meritocracy by selecting and rewarding people based on competences and capabilities. We want our managers to foster a stimulating and incentive environment, encouraging the exchange of ideas and visions, in order to boost productivity and the working scenario.

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Why we want you

At IFFCO Italia, we believe that our people are our most valuable and most impactful assets. It is indeed a reality with ambitious growth targets and therefore constantly looking for people who can help us achieve our goals. That’s why the ideal candidate is someone who, letting himself be carried away by passion, exploits his potential to build something great. We are looking for individuals who can embrace and lead the change, meritocratic leaders who can assume their responsibilities, talents who believe in excellence and foster teamwork, and achievers with a mindset of continuous improvement.

IFFCO Italia  offers you the opportunity to demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills, to work in a multinational company in different sectors and geographical areas, to work within an organization in continuous evolution and, above all, to be an active part of the change in our transformation path. If you want to get involved in a "new" reality but with enormous growth opportunities (also thanks to the colossus behind it), IFFCO Italia is for you!

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