SEA Milan Airports

There would be no magic of flying if there were no fixed point on ground.
We are that point.
A point of departure to boost the economy of a whole territory.
And a point of arrival, to make every goal possible.

Our Values

Professional excellence

The determination to never be satisfied, to always expect more – from ourselves and from the organisation we work for – is what is necessary to continuously stretch the border of our capabilities a bit further.

Team Spirit

A work-team is the best vehicle to achieve one’s personal goals. Team spirit is not nurtured by some vague sense of altruism or solidarity, but by that interpersonal, relational intelligence that brings the individual team member to make his or her resources available to the group, receiving valuable support in return to compensate for one’s limitations.


Innovation is a having a careful eye to the fast pace at which the scenarios around us change. It is understanding just how crucial the ability to challenge our resistance to change has become, even in our industry.

People & Innovation
in SEA Milan Airports

Relevant Numbers


Total hours of training in 2018


Of smart workers among office employees


Passengers transported (+7%)

Why we want you

If you’re a person who is accustomed to excelling at their job and are passionate about infrastructures and big projects, with an ability to think out of the box, and are eager to learn whatever the situation, you are the kind of Talent we are looking for. At SEA you will find a community of people who actively share the highest level of competences and who engage in stimulating challenges with the aim of always improving the flight experience of our passengers.

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Open positions

There are currently no open positions.