We revolutionize the current approach to finance both for customers and banking institutions!

Our Values

Doing good

This means improving the financial experience of users, giving awareness and autonomy in their choices, restoring contractual strength in their favor, promoting competition and therefore saving opportunities and spreading education and culture.

It also means creating new opportunities for our customers (banks, insurance companies, telcos, etc.), giving them access to a wider understanding of users' needs, increasing both transparency and quality of products offered and restoring trust

Together. Connected with trust

This means playing as a team, without individualism. It means also that the success of our organization involves not only Utego’s people but our users and customers as well, because we believe that in “doing good” they play an active role in a collaborative environment that is focused on listening, processing and giving back.

“Together” means for Utego long term vision, cohesion, inclusion, trust, value creation and development.

Respect. Also for time.

Respect for values, both personal and professional, respect for others’ beliefs. We respect our own business, colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders.

This also means saying "no". Those “no” that in our life trace the boundaries of our personal sphere of respect. Respect is an important value for Utego’s people. We also believe in the respect of time as the balance between personal and professional time as goals in these areas are equally important to us.

With Heart and Courage.

We believe that the achievement of the unimaginable becomes possible with heart and courage, passion, desire to learn and generosity. In this scenario we move forward without feeling exhausted by the journey, but only trusting in the payback that this journey provides. From financial education to our personal interpretation of circular economy, from the extra EU languages translation to financial inclusion, till our strong willingness to be “made in Italy”: it is with Hearts and Courage that Utego embarks on its journey of Corporate Responsibility.

People & Innovation

Utego is a start up that is growing and designing, with its own values, looking at internal dialogue and external variables, its own path of growth, together with its own people. Protagonists of digital transformation and open banking, target oriented with flexibility rather than timely compliance with schedules, eager to learn and therefore also learn different jobs, managers and decision making, these are the utego people, wherever they operate: office, home, bar. What matters is the mindset.

Relevant Numbers


Availability to smart working


Diversity Embracing


Knowledge Sharing

Why We Want You

Vision, execution and the right moment make a revolution great. To revolutionize finance as it is today, the right moment is now. We are looking for vision and execution in people. For us the best result is the product of teamwork; loyalty, sharing, listening, transparency and merit are part of it as well as of our future; highquality execution isn’t simply an ambition; it is possible to learn even from failures; differences are richness.

Open positions

There are currently no open positions.