We connect for a better future.
We are a communications technology company connecting over 334 million people, and organisations of all sizes, to the digital society.
We are optimistic about how technology and connectivity can enhance the future and improve people’s lives.
Through our business, we aim to build a digital society that enhances socio-economic progress, embraces everyone and does not come at the cost of our planet.

Our Values

Digital society

We believe in a connected digital society, where data flows at speed, connecting people, communities and things to the internet like never before. Gigabit networks, IoT and mobile financial services enable incredible innovation and technologies to be developed to help make our lives easier, healthier, smarter and more fulfilling.

Inclusion for all

We believe that the opportunities and promise of a better digital future should be accessible to all and are committed to ensuring that the more vulnerable are not left behind on the journey towards that future. Through our technology, we will work to bridge the divides that exist and help people to contribute equally and fully to society.


We believe that urgent and sustained action is required to address climate change and that business success should not come at a cost to the environment. Through our commitment to halve our environmental impact, we will help to ensure a sustainable future for all.
Our focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy supply and network waste will help us to mitigate the growth of our business and our customers’ increasing demand for data.

Operating responsibly

Just as important as our commitment to delivering positive social outcomes is our determination to ensure we act responsibly and with integrity wherever we operate: what we do matters but so does how we work. We strive to ensure we always act lawfully, ethically and with integrity wherever we operate. Our strong commitment to corporate transparency is evidenced through our programmes which address the areas that are the focus of intense public debate.

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