We are the leading integrated group in sustainable mobility in Lombardy

Our Values

People at the center

The FNM Group has always paid great attention to the well-being of its employees and their families, with a view to improving their quality of life. The person is at the center of our actions, thanks to the development of human capital, continuous training, family-work balance and flexibility initiatives, a wide and structured welfare system, health and safety policies.


FNM is the main integrated Group in sustainable mobility in Lombardy. It represents the first pole in Italy that combines the management of railway infrastructures with road mobility and the management of freeway infrastructures, with the aim of proposing an innovative model of governance of mobility demand and supply, based on flow optimization and environmental and economic sustainability.


The guidelines of the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan sanction FNM's positioning as a Group guided by environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability principles in the definition of business processes and in the definition of the Group's investment portfolio. For the first time, the Group's Plan offers an integrated strategic vision for the sustainable management of the business, planning simultaneously the industrial dimension and the sustainability dimension.

People & Innovation in FNM

Becoming part of the FNM Group means embarking on a shared path of knowledge, collaboration and personal growth in an environment with a great and long history but projected into the future, in search of continuous innovation and in a constantly evolving context. To do this, the FNM Group, in addition to supporting its employees and their families, with a structured system of interventions and welfare initiatives (supplementary fund, pension fund, CRA, preventive medicine, conventions, etc.), has, on the one hand, introduced policies of attention to the needs (work-life balance, flexibility, smart working, diversity & inclusion) and, on the other, launched projects of growth and innovation (training, assessment and potential, leadership, coaching, feedback culture, digital transformation).

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Why we want you

Proud of our past, we live the present with the awareness of our role in local transport and integrated mobility, looking to the future and facing changes and challenges. All this is also thanks to the daily commitment of all the staff who, each for his role, responsibilities and skills, contributes to "moving ideas, people and things". For this reason we are always looking for talents who can bring their knowledge and skills to the FNM Group, to undertake together a path of mutual and continuous growth, in a structured, dynamic and constantly evolving environment with important development prospects.