Every payment will be digital

Our Values

Shape the future

Think positively trusting in ourselves.
Take the initiative.
Always look for new ideas encouraged, not being afraid to be mistaken.
We are curious, always ask questions, and never stop learning.
We are passionate of creating new things.

Live for Customers

We always take client’s point of view and imagine ourselves in his place.
We put client’s needs in first place.
We do everything to find better solutions.
When it is not enough we do more.
Feedbacks we receive help us to improve.
When client calls, the rest goes in the second place.

Be reliable, always

The security come before all else.
We respect all the promises we make.
We always look for the highest quality: zero defects
We take our responsibilities going over the task.

Make it simple

We do everything to faciltate the life of our clients even if it is too complicated.
We focus only on the most important.
We speak in a direct and simple way.
We are quick in making decisions and efficient in taking actions.
We also facilitate lives of our colleagues.

Build together

We win together, we lose together.
We help each other with a smile.
We have a common vision and we confront openly to make it real together.
We build based on our rich experience, ideas and competences.

People & Innovation
in Nexi

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Why we want you

We are looking for talented young graduates who have the courage to get involved without being afraid of making mistakes; young people who do their best to find better solutions, but in a simple way even when it is complex.

Young people who respect their commitments, who always seek absolute quality, who are ready to take their responsibilities.

Young people eager to enter a company where they win and lose together, where they build on the richness of everyone's experiences.

Why choose us? If you feel you are ready to build the future then we are who you are looking for: we offer you an opportunity that allows you to immediately test yourself in a large company.

For you we have also designed a training program structured as follows:
a 6 months internship in one of the business or Corporate Function areas of the Nexi Group during which you will participate in both on-the-job training and at the Nexi Graduate Academy, a course focused on professional development with the testimony of Nexi colleagues and qualified consultants and with the opportunity to experience the Customer journey.

At the end of these 6 months, in case of positive feedback, if you decide to continue the experience at Nexi, you will be hired on a permanent basis with a rotation of another 6 + 6 months in one of the 6 paths designed and built for you:

  1. Digital path
  2. High – tech
  3. Go-To-Market experience
  4. Finance
  5. Project and Organization Lead
  6. Legal & Compliance