The made in Italy you didn't expect. But that brings the Country back to podium

Italy is first classified in the circular economy. Leader in renewable energy. Italians first for growth of installed robots. Still first, in Europe, for trade balance on wood for furniture. And for market share on fashion. Leading agri-food chain in quality, safety and sustainability, and with products climbing the world market. Biologic food champion. Gold medal for food and wine tourism spending. It's the records Top10 of a Made in Italy you didn't expect. But that, according to the latest Coldiretti/Symbola Report (officially presented at the International Agricultural Forum, carried out downstream of the Green New Deal of the government's economic manoeuvre by climate-saving interventions), bring light to our Country, returning it a european and world podium.

"Italy can face its challenges, starting with the climate crisis" announces to the President of Symbola Foundation, Ermete Realacci, "being aware of its strengths, and crossing territories and communities with quality, innovation, beauty." This happens in a framework, in which respect for the environment, technological innovation and control of the supply chain are values that are far from irreconcilable; rather, they are complementary assets, able to affirm a production model as sustainable as it is capable of generating economic value. We note that we live in (or belong to) a Country that, with its 822,301 photovoltaic systems, in 2018 has developed a total power of 20,108 MW. It is called: the European record for renewable energy consumption. 18,3% of the total. Spain comes in at 17,5%. The eternal german parameter, just at 15,5%.

With 2,000 plants in operation (75% of which are powered by agricultural residues), we are the world's fourth largest biogas producer. It means boasting capital results in renewable energy and, more broadly, in the circular economy. Ours is the Italy with an agricultural sector that, in total, produces just 7,2% of national emissions. Since 2012, the rate has fallen by 1%. Little, you will say. Spain scored 10,55%. But Spain is not an effective parameter, you will say. Well: France increased by 0,85% - and it’s the best placed Country. Germany and the United Kingdom rose 2,11% and 2,29% respectively. Ours is a sustainable agriculture. In addition, we put 5.155 traditional agri-food products on the market: a quality leadership. Let’s make a pair more comparison calculations: between Dop, Igp and Stg, we produce 20% more than France, and 147% more than Spain.

In 2018, we cultivated 1,95million hectares (15,5% of the national agricultural area) on biologic. In Europe's Top5 agriculture, we have the lowest ever rate of chemical residues in food. Half a percentage point below the EU average, and almost 5 points below the average for non-EU products. But agriculture alone doesn't make a difference, you say. True, in fact, now let’s talking about something else. Tourism: flying over the trite stereotypes of art-culture-landscape, it is enough to say that tourists who flock to our Country spend almost 22euros out of 100 at the table. First for food and wine spending, it is said in technical terms. 13,4million registered attendances from farms alone in 2018. A 63% increase, that brought 1.36 billion euros into the Country's coffers. Let's go sophisticated: Italy has 200 robots for every 10.000 employees. The European average is just 114.

When someone tells you that we are a Country to be thrown away, that everything is lost, that the future will not reserve but trouble for us, please, remember that we live in (or belong, or start to belong to) a Country that not only deserves the best possible future, but that sometimes conquers the future, betting on its talent. But too many people, meanwhile, are just looking elsewhere.