Think Tank: the Italian talents recipe
by Talents in Motion

On the Think Tanks front a project like Talents in Motion, which serves not only to discuss, but above all to propose, will play one of the most serious matches for...

On the Think Tanks front a project like Talents in Motion, which serves not only to discuss, but above all to propose, will play one of the most serious matches for the future of the entire Italian Country. For this reason, a series of 3 technical tables has been created on the themes Competence, Legal and Fiscal, and populated by managers, universities, consulting firms, law firms, which will meet on a quarterly basis to draft proposals to submit (in the course of the next May Policy Meetings) to institutional referents so that the change that Talents in Motion offers has the opportunity to become the talented future in which we all trust.

Thanks to the integrated know-how of its stakeholders (companies, universities, associations), the first technical table deals with the issue of "Competence", setting itself the mission of making a diagnosis of professional needs and training backgrounds to carry out a 10-year workforce planning. We will start from the detection of best practices, virtuous cases, industry-focused institutional documentation, to prepare a quantitative collaborative survey (with a survey aimed at measuring the impact of innovation on workforce planning and upskilling and reskilling processes), and a qualitative spin-off with in-depth interviews (to develop the results in predictive perspective). In addition, we will support an additional track represented by thesis and PHDs (from an economic-sociological point of view, on the one hand, and from labor law perspective, on the other) in a comparative perspective between Italy and abroad, so as to highlight the gaps on cross-national and/or specialized/vertical national skills. The table will include 3 work sessions: September 2019 - December 2019 - March 2020, and will have a Steering Committee composed of Marco Monga, HR Director, IIT-Italian Institute of Technology, Mario Perego, Human Resources Director, Heineken Italia Group, and Annamaria Poletti, Recruiting & Employer Branding Manager, Fastweb, in addition to the precious collaboration of Assolombarda, Istud, Catholic University, Milano-Bicocca University.

The second technical table will deal with the topic "Legal & Deal", with the mission of integrating the forms of contracts in support of skills relating to the circularity of talent both for big companies and SME side, offering proposals for updating contracts. Also in this case, the course will include 3 articulated sessions of work, that will lead to the preparation of a shared technical proposal to be submitted to the institutional referents.

The third Talents in Motion technical table, powered by EY, will impact the "Fiscal" front, focusing on tax regimes for the attraction of human capital in Italy, on the Regime Impatriati and on the Decreto Crescita (Growth Decree), with the final goal of developing new proposals to amplify the attraction of the Italian Country. The 3 work sessions will officially start on next October, the 10th, at 4:00 pm, with a first meeting to be held at the EY Milan headquarter of Via Meravigli 12. In this case, the Steering Committee will include Emiliano Maria Cappuccitti, HR Director COCA-COLA HBC ITALIA, and Elisabetta Pezzotta, SPERLARI HR Director.

Given the wide sensitivity that the project is encountering among all the involved actors, some special projects will be added to the technical tables. The first, born of the Talents in Motion-University of Milan-Bicocca synergy, starts from the root of the competence shortage problem, or from the world of education. This is a pilot project that provides a matched approach between managerial profiles and academic population by creating a calendar of experiences populated by selected corporate figures (former expats and testimonials of professional best practices), so as to increase the level of familiarization of talents with the organizational reality and its specific dynamics. The career counseling activity towards the world of work, which will officially start in the fall, will be articulated, on the one hand, through orientation activities towards the world of work and international mobility (with the guesting of important company figures reporting their experiences formative/professional, especially in correlation to a period of study/work spent abroad, and to the opportunities encountered on return), and on the other through cycles of meetings with companies (multinationals and others), which will illustrate in a storytelling mode their world, the objectives, the company organization and the professional figures present and/or sought by the company (with particular correlation to the biotechnology front). All this will allow us to create a unique path of structured training activities for selected groups of students.

The second special project was born from the alliance between Talents in Motion and Istud, with a research on the attractiveness of the Country System which will be divided into 3 phases. First of all, a scenario desk research, which helps to rank Italy in the international and European context, bringing out the variables that today make it a pole of scarce attractiveness for talents. Afterwards, a collection of experiences will be carried out on a selected panel of companies basing on sought-after skills and best practices active in terms of talent attraction. Finally, a survey will help us to better understand the sought-after skills and outstanding job offers.

Alongside these more structured initiatives there are the Custom ClAbs, monographic one-shot meet-ups mixing workshop approach and informal collaboration (hence the word game club-clAb) on themes such as Cybersecurity, Diversity, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, which today seem to be strategically decisive in our agendas.

Talents in Motion's Custom ClAb “Cybersecurity”, powered by POLIMI-Observatory on Digital Innovation, will analyze and integrate the digital, cybersecurity and GDPR area competencies for Italy, with respect to the European strategy on data security, accountability and compliance, with repercussions in terms of cost effectiveness, trust, data processing performance.

The Custom ClAb "Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging" will examine skills, leads and added value of diversity in the company, in terms of inclusion, belonging, diversity management strategies, to propose an organizational strategy to be put to regime.

The Custom Clab "Artificial Intelligence" will address issues such as skills, consequences and added value at the organizational level of artificial intelligence, of people data, of new forms of communication, of machine learning, of the hyper-connected workplace, of robotics and of the automation, to propose a structured and shared plan supporting A.I. without forgetting the importance of "human touch".

The Custom ClAb "Blockchain" will analyze the concepts of new skills, vision, approach, model and agility in order to collect and structure the blockchain opportunities as a new evolution phase in the digital age, to be systematized and developed through an operational model to be implemented.

Here are some of the main ingredients of the Talents in Motion recipe, milestones of a new and finally talent-oriented Italy.